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Great for beginners or those seeking a new and exciting challenge.

Pole and aerial fitness is for everyone!

"This was my second class ever and I didn't have my friend with me like I did the first time so I was a bit nervous. Kelli did an amazing job at making everyone feel comfortable and we all had a lot of fun. I look forward to taking more classes in the future."

jordyn r.

"Ere’s class is so much fun! The energy is always amazing in this class and I’m already so surprised with the stuff I’m able to do!"

rachel v.

"This was my first class at Shine and I absolutely loved it! It’s become my new obsession and I’ll definitely go back whenever possible."

vanessa h.

Pole and aerial fitness challenges your entire body to work together to hold poses and maneuver through tricks and sequences. This calisthenics-based workout uses the participant's body weight for resistance with dynamic movement.

Build strength

Finishing a class, accomplishing a new trick, or seeing the physical changes in your body aids in boosting confidence. You will feel empowered by your newfound physical and mental strength. 

Builds Confidence

Stiff feeling joints and limited range of motion can be eliminated with regular practice. The moves taught in aerial classes can elongate and stretch muscles through the twisting, reaching, and bending involved.

Increases Flexibility

Working out releases endorphins, aka the happy hormone, which are proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Relieves stress

Students find themselves in challenging positions that require them to pause their movement, hold poses, and concentrate as they work through sequence/combo puzzles to safely execute moves.

Increases Focus

It is recommended that adults spend at least 2 and a half hours a week doing moderate-intensity exercise. A pole or aerial class increases the your heart rate through a low-impact aerobic routine.  

Improves Cardio Health