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Shine Fitness Studio is Dallas-Fort Worth's premier pole and aerial fitness studio. Located in Hurst, Texas we offer pole fitness, aerial fitness, flexibility, and strength training.

Great for beginners or those seeking a new and exciting challenge. Pole and aerial fitness is for everyone!

We pride ourselves in being a safe studio with proper rigging, safety equipment, and knowledgeable staff. With over 40 years of combined experience, we've got the best team around!

Looking for your next Girls Night Out, Bachelorette Party, or Birthday Party? We'd love to celebrate with you! Let Shine Fitness Studio host your next event. Give your guests the VIP treatment with private studio time and a dedicated instructor. We'll even capture the memories for you!

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we like our heels HIGH... Pleaser heels are our pole instructors' favorite


between all the instructors, we've trained for over 52,560 hours (...and counting) in pole and aerial fitness


we have over 900 yards of fabric in the studio


there is over 7000 pounds of steel in our pole and aerial rig


fun facts about the studio

Be confident, yet humble. We listen to and welcome feedback, for it is a privilege. We practice open communication and hold ourselves accountable to our customers and to each other. We do our best to be present and to respond as quickly as possible. 

Accountability & Feedback

Pursue continual learning and growth. We are here to empower you with knowledge, skills, and confidence. We are available to explain, demonstrate, and assist your Shine journey. Our instructors are the pros in their field. Our team studies our art through continuing education like certification and courses to bring trustworthy and safe instruction.

Education & Empowerment

Bring your best every day. Despite our personal challenges we strive to bring our best attitude to Shine. We want to share our passion and belief in what we do to each student. We believe that you come back for the atmosphere, the energy, and the personalities of the people inside Shine.

Positive Atmosphere

You Shine here. Our clients may feel intimidated about taking on the challenge of pole and aerial fitness. To reduce barriers, we welcome all customers and visitors with a warm smile and encouragement. We believe in the value of being “seen” and we want to know you by name along with your interests and preferences.

Welcoming Environment

Treat people with respect, compassion, and kindness. Our customers include everyone we interact with both in and out of the studio. Everyone is treated with respect, regardless of the level or other challenges. It is an honor to assist our students in their pole and aerial fitness journey.

Our Customers

Shine Fitness STudio Core Values

Our mission is To enhance lives, increase strength, and build confidence through a positive, inclusive environment and top-notch fitness instruction.

Meet Our Team

the experts

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Kristen's love for performing and aerial sports first grew as a child through participation in gymnastics, cheerleading, and theatre arts. It was here that she discovered her passion for performing as well as flipping through the air and being aerial.
After graduating with a business degree from Texas A&M University, Kristen moved to Dallas, TX to pursue a career in technology. It was here that she discovered her passion for Pole Fitness and Aerial Arts.
Kristen started classes taking classes in January 2013 and has been hooked ever since. Pole Fitness was the perfect outlet for performing, being aerial, as well as an amazing work out. In February 2014, she decided to expand her Pole Fitness knowledge and become a certified instructor. 
Kristen's goal is to help empower and develop her students into the best versions of themselves. 

Kristen believes that every person has a light within, you just have to let it SHINE.

Creator Shine Instructor Certifications
Ace Certified Personal Trainer
Xpert Certified Pole Instructor
Spin City Beginner Hoop Certified
Spin City Pole Silks Certified
Paper Doll Militia Level 1 Trapeze
PSO Dramatic L3 2016 - 1st Place
PSO Dramatic L4 2017 - 3rd Place
PSO Exotic L3 2018 - 2nd Place

founder & Owner

Kristen Fritsche

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Kylee has been pole dancing since March of 2018. After a year of dedicated practice, she started teaching Pole and Flexibility. In her time at Shine Fitness Studio, Kylee has taught hundreds of beginner students and helped them progress to intermediate level. As an intermediate instructor, Kylee is known for her long combos and conditioning.  

Kylee has found so much joy through pole dance and it has helped her grow in so many ways. Other than Pole and Aerials, she loves plants, reading, going on hikes, and chilling at home with her kitties. 

Shine Pole Fitness Master Instructor
Shine Beginner Aerial Hoop Certified

Pole Team Lead

Kylee Harmon

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Frieda has danced all her life, learning to teach and choreograph from many mentors. Through her dance journey, she learned that the body can accomplish amazing things through movement. In 2012, she was introduced to aerial silks via a theatrical production. Performing on the silks felt nothing like she has ever experienced. In 2015, Frieda started teaching silks to kids and in 2016, adults. Her aerial journey has brought more knowledge and awareness of her body than she has ever known. Learning and teaching silks is a seriously fun challenge. It is much more than tricks and feats of strength. It teaches you to try new things. Things that will take you out of your comfort zone. You might fail. You might get back up and try again and be stronger than you were. You will even explore your limits, be vulnerable and even feel silly at times. Frieda can't wait to guide her students through this remarkable exploration. 

Aerial Physique Level 1 Silks
Aerial Physique Level 2 Silks
Shine Fitness Studio Master Instructor

Fabric Team Lead

Frieda Austin

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Eré started her aerial journey in 2015 when she stumbled into a pole studio. She quickly fell in love with aerial arts, soon after she found herself specializing in Lyra. Ere has performed on Lyra, silks, and aerial cube but she enjoys all apparatuses.

When Eré is not at the studio, she likes to relax by putting on a good show and eating some delicious food.

Shine Aerial Hoop Master Instructor
Spin City Beginner Lyra Certified
Spin City Intermediate Lyra Certified
Paper Doll Militia Level 1 Trapeze
Paper Doll Militia Level 1 Hoop
Paper Doll Militia Level 2 Trapeze
Paper Doll Militia Level 2 Hoop

Steel Team Lead

Eré Dominguez

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Moe, also known as International Tattooed Model Luna Flor, is a professional fire performer, duo cerceau enthusiast, and an aerial instructor. She fell in love with all kinds of aerial arts and being in the air.

Shine Aerial Hoop Master Instructor
Shine Beginner Hammock Certified
Spin City Beginner Aerial Hoop
Spin City Anatomy and Physiology Foundations
Paper Doll Militia Level 1 Trapeze
Paper Doll Militia Level 2 Trapeze
2nd Place Master Lyra Division at South West Aerial Arts Championships
Rigging 101 & 102 with Brett Copes

Equipment Coordinator
Steel instructor

Moe Ferrari

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Elise started training aerial arts in 2021. Lyra is her absolute favorite apparatus but she can also be spotted in pole class from time to time. Outside of the studio, she is a full-time tattoo artist. In her free time, she can likely be found at home with her partner, three doggies, and 40+ house plants. Elise enjoys painting, decorating her home, and alarming her neighbors by eating fire in my backyard.

If she could give advice to any new student, it would be to believe in yourself, don't give up, and try not to compare yourself to others too much. When she started her aerial journey at Shine, she had no relative experience and had not had a physical routine in a decade or more. It was really difficult at first, and even more difficult not to get frustrated at her progress when she looked at other people. Elise could not believe that she would ever get a single straddle mount. But she believed in herself, kept coming back, and put in the work. Elise says that if she can do it, anyone can!

Hoop Instructor

Elise Pimentel

Shine Fitness Studio Beginner Hoop Certification

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In 2013, Rachel instantly fell in love with pole dancing. Coming from Chicago, she has performed, competed, instructed and coached out of one of the elite studios in the Midwest. She is mechanics obsessed and the self-proclaimed breakdown Queen. She is passionate about teaching good habits while beginner pole dancers are building their foundations. As students progress, Rachel focuses on challenging her students to think systematically about their pole combos and transitions, so you’re always learning and growing. After injuring her shoulder in 2015, Rachel is heavily focused on safety so students can be here for a long time, not just a good time. You should be able to continue to love what you do! Rachel is looking forward to having you join her in her classes and cannot wait to see your confidence SHINE!

Pole Instructor

RAchel Lavoie

Discoveries Pole Dance Instructor
3rd Place L5 Artistic - PSO Great Lakes 2019
L5 Artistic - PSO Central 2017
1st Place Best Overall - Burlypicks 2016
Essentials Division - Midwest Pole Dance Championships 2016
1st Place Floorwork Freestyle - Midwest Pole Dance Championships 2015
Midwest Elite Division - Midwest Pole Dance Championships 2015
Neo Division - National Aerial Pole Art (NAPA) 2015
Troupe Division - Miss Pole Dance America 2015
2nd Place L2 Championship - PSO Central 2014
1st Place L2 Dramatic - PSO Central 2014

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Olive has been practicing her favorite apparatus, pole fitness, since 2009 and teaching since 2011. Olive has competed and won multiple awards and titles over the years with her most recent being the 2017 Low Flow Champion at Pole Sport Organization. 

When she is not performing or teaching, she enjoys being outdoors and spending a lot of her time in a mermaid tail or on a paddle board. 

The best advice she can give new students is to just enjoy the journey! Be proud of your accomplishments regardless of how small or big they may be and have fun figuring out your own style.

Pole & Flexibility Instructor

Olive Avira

Xpert Pole Fitness Certification
Spin City Aerial Hoop Certification

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Tam has been a student at Shine since the beginning! She has been training pole, hoop, and hammock since 2018. Tam is a mom of two and even did aerials during her second pregnancy.

Get ready for a cardio BLAST y’all! Tam cannot wait to share VBarre with you. We’re gonna move, sweat, and (hopefully 🤪) smile!

VBarre Instructor

Tam Fox

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Sheila has been practicing pole consistently since 2021. Sheila started to build confidence and work through feelings that accompanies body dysmorphia. Through her journey she discovered a new passion for aerials and an appreciation for my body. She has gained a family and a safe space to learn to open up to others. For future and current students. Sheila says don’t count yourself out. You can do and be whatever you admire about others if you give yourself the chance. 


Sheila Harbor

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Victoria has been practicing pole since March 2021 and immediately fell in love and started Aerial Hoop later that year. When she is not at the studio, she's in school to become a Web Developer or relax with a book or movie. Victoria wants you to know that you can start your journey exactly as you are now. Everyone starts from different backgrounds or, in my case, no physical background at all, and with practice, you will achieve things you’ve never imagined.

Customer Care champion
Pole Apprentice

Victoria Contreras

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Wendy has been practicing aerials since 2020. She can be round mostly on a hoop but her aerial adventure has included a lot of hammock, pole, and floorplay as well. 

When she is not at the studio she is a special fx and beauty makeup artist for film, haunted houses, and photography. She is also a hair stylist, sculptor and painter! She really loves to express her art through any avenue available!

Wendy's advice to her students is to take rest days, get gains, and love your journey! Love your strengths and your weaknesses because they are unique to you! And take progress videos so you can celebrate your wins!

HOop Apprentice

Wendy Rager

Shine Fitness Studio Beginner Hoop Certification