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Celebrate your bachelorette, birthday, girls night out, mom's night out, or friends reunion with us!

During your party, we'll teach you all the tricks, spins, and choreography to create a fun routine by the end of class.

We tailor each class to fit your style and fitness level. We have a variety of classes available for you to take.

Send the waiver to all attendees to complete


Pay the party deposit or full amount to reserve your time


A Shine team member will reach out to confirm the details and book your party


Check out our different parties & complete the Party Request form to start the booking process


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Get ready to party! 


Pole Dance


Learn one of our signature pole dance routines that is sensual and flirty. Our pole dance party will teach you the foundations of how to walk, spin, and dance on and around the pole with confidence and ease.

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Aerial Hammock


Grab your friends and let's hang! IN the Aerial Hammock party you will learn poses, spins, transitions, inversions and fabric technique.

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** Our most popular add on!

Glow Party Add On

Turn the lights down and let your party glow! Add a glow paint and black light experience to your party. 

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Pole + Chair Dance

A sultry party! Get in touch with your sensuality and learn how to channel your inner goddess through pole and chair dance.

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Aerial Hoop

Turn your party upside down! The Aerial Hoop, also known as Lyra, is a classic aerial apparatus that allows you to demonstrate a mix of beautiful, graceful movements combined with strength-based maneuvers. In this class, you will learn Aerial Hoop basics such as mounting the hoop, posing, spinning, and transitions.

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Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks uses two lengths of fabric to defy gravity through climbs, poses, and dynamic movements. You’ll learn how to properly wrap the silks around your body to reach new heights.

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Pole Silks

Our newest aerial party! Combine pole and fabric for a fun, upside down party.

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Chair Dance

Chairs are for more than just sitting... Let your hair down and take a seat! Tap into your sensuality with our chair dance party.

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Are you ready to embrace your sensuality, exude confidence, and ignite your inner showgirl? Discover the art of tease and unleash your seductive prowess!

During this empowering session, you'll be introduced to the fundamental techniques and skills that embody the essence of burlesque. From tantalizing walks to graceful body movements, you'll learn how to command the stage with charm and charisma. 

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Need extra time?

Want more time to learn skill from an instructor? You may add 30 or 60 minutes of extra time with an instructor.

Want to decorate or open presents? You may book the studio for extra time without instruction.

Use the Private Party Request Form below and select an add-on. We'll send you a quote for your party + the add-on(s).

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