YESSS! We love private parties. Check out the "Celebrations" tab for more information!

Can I celebrate a big event like my birthday, bachelorette party, girls night out with you?

Yes! Each instructor specializes in their own style and tricks. If you want a deep dive on choreography, tricks, or just want some extra time to sharpen your skills, a private lesson is the best option for you.

Private lesson rates vary per instructor. You may book online (under the Classes tab), via the MindBody application, or by giving us a call.

I want more 1:1 time with an instructor. Do you offer private lessons?

Not at all! We'll provide modifications along the way to help you build flexibility. We start every class with a warm up and stretch to insure you're muscles are ready to move.

Do I have to be flexible to take classes?

Not at all! We will teach you everything you need to know to be successful and look like you've been dancing for years!

do I need a dance background?

Of course!! That's why you come to class - to gain upper body strength :) We'll provide modifications along the way to help you build strength and body awareness.

my upper body isn't very strong, can i still come?

If you are no longer able to take class, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible. You may cancel via the Mindbody application, online, or by calling the studio.

This will allow for someone on the waitlist to join class.

Please take note of our cancellation policy and fees associated.

Early Cancellations for Class Registration
You may cancel 12 hours before class start time with no penalty. Your pass will be added back to your account to be used before the pass expiration date. For example:
    If your class starts at 7:30 pm, you will need to cancel your reservation by 7:30 am

    If your class starts at 12:30 pm, you will need to cancel your reservation by 12:30 am.

The class roster will lock and not accept any more registrations for that particular class 30 minutes prior to class start time. Those on the wait list will be notified of any open spots 2 hours before class start time. If you are unable to sign up for a class due to locking times, please message the studio or call to book.

Late Cancellation & No Show Fees

Failure to cancel your class 12 hours prior to class start time OR not showing up for class will result in a loss in a pass for pass holders plus a $10 fee or a $10 fee for unlimited memberships. Fees will be charged to your card on file the day after your late cancellation/no show.

We understand life happens, message the studio or call to let us know what is going on. We will accommodate you within reason.

Something came up and now I can't make it to class. What do I do?

We understand delays happen, but your safety and understanding of Shine Fitness Studio and classes is critical. DON'T BE LATE.

First timers - Please arrive 10 minutes early to receive a tour and introduction to the studio and the classes and communicate any preexisting injuries.

Student who arrive 10+ minutes after class start time will not be admitted to class. The late cancel/no show policy will be enforced for students not admitted to class.

what if i show up late?

For any of the apparatuses, start with a beginner class. You'll see the word "BEG" in the title with a level of beginner. For pole, start with a non-heels class while you learn the basics of pole fitness.

what class should i take first?

Our classes fill up quickly so we encourage you to sign up for classes in advance. While we do accept walk-ins, we cannot guarantee you a space if the class is full.

You may sign up for our classes online (under the Classes tab) or via the Mindbody client application on iOS or Android.

do i need to sign up in advance or can i just show up for class?

Your class with us is going to FUN, challenging, and you're going to hear a lot of cheers for your classmates. You'll get a workout in that challenges your mind and body. We'll help you achieve you goals SAFELY and with proper technique.

Pole and aerials is for every BODY! We're an inclusive environment for all.

Class is typically 1 hour and includes a 15-20 minute warm up and stretch followed with 35 minutes of instruction and we always close with a 5 minute cool down.

What should I expect when taking a class?

Water, water water 
We have a water dispenser to refill your water. You may purchase a bottle of water from us for $1 if you forget yours at home.

Grip Aids
While you may not have grip aids your first day of class, we encourage it for your practice to help with sweat. We sale Dry Hands, Mighty Grip, Chalk, and Rosin Spray at the studio.

Yoga Mat
We are no longer providing yoga mats due to COVID-19. Please bring your own yoga mat.

what should I bring to class?

For beginner pole classes, we recommend shorts or pants that can be rolled up to show the back of your knee. 

For upper level classes, we recommend pole shorts, and a sports bra. Skin is required to grip to the poles as you advance in your practice. 

We dance barefoot so no shoes required.

Heels Classes
Make sure your heels have a platform (no street heels). We wear Pleasers or comparable types of heels. Start with a small heel and graduate to something bigger.

Knee pads are not required but highly recommended. You may purchase knee pads at the studio for $30.


Please wear fitted clothing that covers the back of your knees and torso to protect your skin. When the hoops are taped, some students like to add leg warmer behind the knees for extra padding. For untaped hoops, we suggest bringing an extra pair of shorts to change into if you need the extra skin.

Cover the skin to protect it from the fabric with cotton leggings and a tank top or fitted t-shirt. No zippers, buttons, or anything loose that could snag or get caught in the fabric.

Leggings and a comfortable top that you're able to move in. Some students like to wear a back warmer to keep their core warm for deep stretches.

what should I wear to class?

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