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Happy Hour :: Glow Power Pole
January 22 | 7-8:15 PM

In this Happy Hour, we're turning down the lights for a glow pole flow. This class will be set to black lights, glow sticks, and glow paint.
What to wear: Yoga pants/leggings and a comfortable top that you don't mind getting paint on or neon colors.

No experience is needed. All levels welcomed.

Cost: $25 non-members | $22 members

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Are you ready to start your instructor journey or get a deep dive into the beginner level moves on your favorite apparatus?

This 16-hour certification will introduce you to the blueprints for teaching beginner pole, hoop, or hammock. You'll learn how properly break down, progress/regress movements, strength-building techniques, and structure curriculum.

During this course, you'll learn:
- beginner level moves of your chosen apparatus (pole, hoop, or hammock)
- modifications and advancements of moves
- strength-building exercise
- rigging/equipment setup and maintenance
- how to structure classes and manage your classroom
- insurance, liability, and music licensing information
- access to our online video library of moves with a detailed breakdown (exclusive to certified instructors)
- and more! 

To attend, you must have at least 6 months of experience with your chosen apparatus. To complete the certification you'll need to pass the written exam + submit a videotaped mock class performing a list of required techniques.

DATES: Our next certification will be held early Spring 2022. More information to come!
Must attend all dates to complete certification

$700 **Payment plans available

ADD ON: Participants can pre-order a hard copy of the certification course. Digital copy included with purchase.

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