shine instructor certifcation

share your passion with others

Official Shine Fitness Studio Instructor Training Manual

16 hours of in-person training led by Shine Lead Instructors

detailed break down of beginner level moves of your chosen apparatus (pole, hoop, or hammock) with modifications and advancements of moves

strength-building and conditioning exercises to 

establish a firm knowledge of anatomy & kinesiology of the human body

learn how to structure classes and be a leader in your classroom

+ information about rigging, equipment, insurance, liability, and music licensing information

Here's what you get

opportunity to lead a mock class at Shine Fitness Studio

2 complete class plans and playlists to use when teaching classes

access to our online video library of moves with a detailed breakdown (exclusive to certified instructors)

monthly tips & tricks to further your instructor knowledge

earn continuing education credits from ACE

During the course

AFter the course

We'll finish working through the remaining beginner moves with an emphasis on the technically harder moves. You will also learn how to properly spot to help students safely execute their moves.

DAy 4

Moves continued & Spotting

Day three we're in studio and learning how to break down each move. You get a detailed break down of beginner level moves of your chosen apparatus with modifications and advancements of moves. You'll also learn everything you need to know about your apparatus.

Day 3

Beginner Moves

Day two we're focused on building out your class time activities. We'll discuss the elements need to make your class a fun, safe, and challenging time for your students. 

We also dive into the anatomy of an aerialist. You'll leave with an understanding of how each muscle works together to spin you around and go upside down.

Day 2

Lesson Planning & Anatomy

During day one we'll focus on managing your classroom through leadership, professionalism, and risk assessment.

Day One

Classroom management

A look at what's included

Becca Kahl

"The instructor certification course was really helpful with condensing the information needed to teach into a guide that I can consistently Use. I feel much more confident putting together curriculum to service students."

I have a passion for my apparatus and I want to share it with the rest of the world.

Knowing the ins and outs of my apparatus brings me so much joy.

My friends always ask me how to do spins or tricks. I want to be able to share the correct instruction with them.

I'm ready to take my knowledge of my apparatus to the next level to share it with others.

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